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Chemical starter pack containing all the essentials;

0.5kg Spa Bromine infused granules

0.75kg Spa pH minus

0.5kg pH plus

0.5ltr Spa FoamAway 

50 Test strips

1kg Bromine granules 
​1kg Bromine tablets

5kg Granule shock

5kg Stabilised Chlorine tablets
5kg Chlorine tablets

1kg Ph increaser

1kg Alkalinity increaser 

1kg Hardness increaser

1ltr Surface cleaner

1ltr Spa Sparkle 

1ltr FoamAway

0.5kg AromaScents 

0.75ltr Filter Cleaner 

5kg Hardness Plus

5kg TA Plus

We stock a vast amount of chemicals here at Concept Spa, whether that be for your Hot Tub, Swim Spa, or Swimming pool.

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For your hot tub or swim spa

7kg pH minus
​5kg pH plus

For your swimming pool