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Arctic Spa's primary objective is providing customers with the best, most efficient and reliable hot tubs in the world, however they’ve also had to ensure that they are affordable.

With that in mind, Arctic Spas set out to create a new collection of models that maintain the products hand crafted cedar cabinet, legendary self-supportive shell and deep tissue massage rotational jets.

From the small footprint size and open plan seating in the Timberwolf in Collection 1, to the full body deep tissue massage lounger provided in the luxurious Baffin 45 model in Collection 2, its unmistakably an Arctic experience for a more affordable price. Benefit from having the cheapest running cost spa in the market that will last a lifetime.

Even the Arctic standard* warranty that applies to collections 1 & 2 still surpasses products within the same price bracket. Built by Arctic, built to last.

*Standard warranty for Collections 1 & 2; 1 year labour, 3 years parts, 5 years acrylic surface, 7 years structural.

The Baffin 45

Seats: 6

Jets: 45
Pumps: 2
​Volume: 1,450 litres

Dimensions: 218 cm x 218 cm

Each seating position in the Baffin 45 adds more therapy jets in this upgraded 2-pump version, but particularly the luxury lounger which receives lower leg jets – perfect after a long day on your feet! Additional jetting from upper to lower back is added in all seating positions taking an already well-equipped spa to the next level.

The Malligne 45

Seats: 6

Jets: 45

Pumps: 2

Volume: 1,601
​Dimensions: 218 cm x 218 cm

The addition of a second powerful pump and 20 more jets ensures that even more therapy is made available in the primary seating areas. The upper back and the critical lumbar areas are targeted with pulsating and rotating jets