How a Hot Tub Can Increase Your Holiday Bookings

As with any business in order to succeed it is important to offer something which sets you apart from the competition, and a hot tub could very well be the thing your rental property needs. It’s a well-known fact that Brits are going absolutely mad for hot tubs, with the industry seeing a boom in recent years. More and more people are becoming educated with the long list of hydrotherapeutic benefits associated with them, making them popular with people suffering from chronic pain, back pain, and arthritis. However, we are still seeing the majority of customers purchasing a hot tub for the social benefits. As we all know living in the UK isn’t quite like living in the Costa del Sol, and so having access to a hot tub gives us Brits an excuse to enjoy the outdoors, as well as providing us with a much needed break from our mobile phones, social media, and television.

There has been a vast amount of research carried out into what search terms and key words people use when looking for places to go on holiday. Research suggest that the most common key words used when searching for a hotel to stay at are “cheap” and “deal” whereas the search terms for holiday rental searches were “hot tubs” or “villas”. Research also shows that people are more likely to choose a property to stay at with a hot tub as opposed to without with 57% of bookings looking for a hot tub. So how can a hot tub increase your holiday bookings? By driving more people to your site, and by giving your property that WOW! Factor, as you’re able to offer your guests a relaxing experience, which they may not be able to get at home.

Since your customers will have enjoyed their stay, you’re also more likely to acquire repeat bookings. Also think about their social media, your guests will be more inclined to post pictures of themselves having a few glasses of wine in a hot tub, rather than sitting inside watching the same TV they could have watched at home. Which again will drive more custom your way.

Purchasing a hot tub for your rental property should be seen as an investment rather than an expenditure, and so we will always advise that the hot tub you buy is one which is of good quality. Buying a quality hot tub will also save you money in the long run through low maintenance, cheaper running costs, and by the tub not being in constant need of repair. All of our hot tubs from both Arctic Spas and L.A. Spas are exceptional in terms of quality and reliability and we insure that they last you well into the future. As having a hot tub can boost your occupancy by approximately 20% and actually increase the rental value of your property you can expect your investment to be returned within a short period of time.

If you’re worried about the responsibilities of maintaining the hot tub, water changes etc. this is a service we offer, insuring the hot tub is in perfect condition for the next lot of guests.

So if you’re ready to increase your bookings, and get that WOW factor- get in contact with us, or pop in and say hi in our Llangefni showroom.

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