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All our hot tubs look beautiful and will sit in your garden like a piece of furniture. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of hydrotherapy;

​-Speeds recovery from injuries
-Relieves muscle soreness by facilitating the removal of lactic acid
-Opens the blood vessels to improve circulation
-Relaxes the muscles around arthritic joints
-Promotes the flow of endorphins
-Helps alleviate depression and stress

​There is only one place on earth where you can be free from the earth’s gravity (unless you work for NASA) and that’s in water. Whilst your body is submerged in water everything changes in relation to the physiology of your body, this offloads pressure on your joints, relaxes, your muscles, and dissolves tension. ‘Hydro-static pressure’, this is when you’re immersed in water which is denser than the human body. What happens, is pressure is applied evenly around your body and in doing so it makes your circulatory system more efficient. Sitting in water which is 40 degrees Celsius will also improve circulation by 120%. Hot tubs aren’t just a joy to sit in, but are also highly beneficial to your health and well-being. 

Why our hot tubs?

Who are the best manufacturers of hot tubs? Why our hot tubs?  When answering these questions what we need to do is look at what you as a customer want and need from your hot tub.

-Do you want a hot tub which is reliable?
-Something which will last years and years without having constant problems?
-Do you want a high quality hot tub which doesn’t break the bank?
-Do you want a hot tub with low running costs?
-Do you want a hot tub which focuses on hydrotherapy?
-Do you want a hot tub which looks good?
-Do you want a hot tub which is easy to use and maintain?

Now if you answered yes to the questions above, then you can choose between Jacuzzi, American Whirlpool and Arctic Spas.  They are all world leading manufactures, are innovative and give great warranties..

How can a hot tub change your life? Well we spend countless hours of our day immersing ourselves in mobile devices, and ultimately distancing ourselves from friends and family. Owning a hot tub not only allows you to gain from the long list of hydrotherapy benefits but also provides the perfect environment to reconnect with friends and family. Invite your friends and neighbours over and become the host with the most. No more being stuck to the dining room table or the living room sofa, tell everyone to bring their bathing suits and have an upscale barbecue by the hot tub. Or whip out some ice cold drinks and some tasty food and have your very own happy hour- without ever leaving the house. Rekindle the flame with a loved one, light a few candles, stick on some relaxing music, turn the jets on and bring back that spark!

So whether you are the adventurer in need of some hydrotherapy, the driven, hardworking individual who wants to escape, or just want to enjoy the company of others, we have the hot tub for you!

We also pride ourselves on our aftercare service, we have a dedicated team who are here to insure your hot tub works perfectly and you stay happy!