Hot tubs have always been seen as a luxury item, something to transform your garden into a place for socialising- no matter what the weather. However what many people fail to realise is there's a lot more benefits to owning a hot tub than most people think.
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What to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

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What to consider before buying a hot tub?

Is a question anyone who’s interested in purchasing a hot tub should ask. All it takes is a simple Google of the key phrase ‘hot tubs’ and you’ll be bombarded with a variety of different brands and sellers, but what should you be looking for?

Well firstly you need to decide what exactly it is you want out of your hot tub, what are you buying it for? Is it just for socialising in or do you want one to improve your health/ ease pain? If you’re just buying a hot tub for the social factor and you’re not that fussed about the quality of massage then we wouldn’t advise looking at any premium spas- stick to the beginner ranges. But if you’re actively looking for something which will provide a deep tissue massage to aid in muscle recovery, ease pain etc. Then you should look for a spa with rotational jets and a good pump to jet ratio. A general rule of thumb is 1 pump to 25 jets (not including the circulation pump), it’s a common misconception that a greater amount of jets equals a better massage. Think of a hose pipe with 80 holes in it compared to say 35, you’ll notice the hose pipe with 80 holes in it will have significantly less pressure than the one with 35 holes.

Next is deciding whether you want a lounger or would prefer all seated. There’s benefits to both, for example an all seated hot tub is extremely sociable with all seats looking at a centre point, ideal for people who like to entertain. But what about a hot tub with a lounger? The lounger is a very comfortable seat which usually provides a hydro-massage for your legs and feet as well as your back. However the downside to this is not all seats will be facing a centre point making it slightly less sociable.

Then decide what additional extras are a must have, do you want a Bluetooth music system, LED lighting, UV sanitisation, Ozone, wooden cabinets or synthetic cabinets. Have a little think as to what you consider to be essential and what you don’t really need. Going into a showroom with a better understanding of what exactly it is that you need and want out of your hot tub will allow you to purchase the right hot tub, rather than being sold something the sales person thinks you should have. However an experienced sales person should go through all of this with you when you enter the showroom, but it’s good to be prepared incase they don’t.

What’s the best hot tub brand?

As there’s thousands of different hot tub brands out there it’s sometimes hard to know what makes a good one. What we will say is before you make any purchase DO YOUR RESEARCH, in this day in age it’s so easy to get information on just about anything, so why not do it when your investing in a hot tub? Check out reviews and see what other people are saying about a certain brand or even specific hot tub, its always good to get a second opinion.

Find out where they’re manufactured and double check this online.

Ask about the warranty’s, a good warranty shows how confident a supplier is in their product. We’ve heard horror stories of certain hot tubs only having an 8 month warranty on the Acrylic shell! That’s not good at all.

It can be very tempting to be drawn in by a competitive price, but if something is cheap its usually cheap for a reason. This is where your research comes in again, something we can’t stress enough! If you’re looking at a 7 foot spa with 80 jets, music, LED lighting for around £2,800 then you really need to question how good the quality will be.

Where should I buy a hot tub from?

It’s important to realise that whoever you purchase your hot tub from are the people who will be responsible for maintaining it should something go wrong, so you want a company with a good reputation for customer service. To find this out check a companies Google reviews or Facebook reviews, if they don’t have their Facebook reviews enabled then alarm bells should be going off- they have disabled them for a reason.

We would advise to buy local as this will be a long-term relationship and local dealers or much more accessible. If you’re unable to reach them for whatever reason then pop into their showroom, a luxury you sacrifice from buying online.

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