If you own a rental property and are looking to increase bookings through a hot tub, but want something which is easy to maintain and fully compliant with all HSG282 guidelines then the Holiday Six is the hot tub for you. 


Seating up to 6 people, including a lounger there’s enough room for any family who are fortunate enough to stay at your property.

The Holiday Six has been designed specifically for the holiday industry, but what do we mean by that? Over the years we’ve found that what your clients will tend to break are things like: headrests, diverters and waterfalls. The Holiday Six has none of those, which means less things to go wrong and less money you have to spend getting things fixed and replaced. It’s a no brainer.


But the benefits of the Holiday Six don’t stop there, the control panel has been simplified to the point where your customers only have control over the pumps off/on and the lights off/on. ‘Why would we want that’ I hear you ask, well your clients won’t be able to change the programming of the system (which can be very annoying when they decide to change filtration cycles) or change the temperature. The main control panel is hidden behind the cabinet and if the hot tub is in range of your Wifi router then you’ll be able to control the hot tub from an app, anywhere in the world. Welcome to the 21st century.


This hot tub also uses a Ozone water sanitising system- keeping the spa water seriously clean. As the Holiday Six has a circulation pump, the water is being filtered 24/7 on a low speed, consistently passing through both the filter bags and the water sanitising system... it's also whisper quiet. #crystalclear 


Another... yes, another benefit of the Holiday Six is that it comes as standard with an in-line chemical feeder which self doses the hot tub with either Chlorine or Bromine. It’s so important that there is a sufficient level of chemical in the water to stop bacteria from multiplying. The Holiday Six will help to ensure your clients have a bacteria free bathing experience. Okay, that’s everything… I think.

Holiday Six

  • Seating Capacity 6
    Dimenions 201 x 201 x 84 cm / 80 x 80 x 34 inches
    Pumps 1 x 3hp, 1 x circulation pump
    Total Jets 31
    Electrical Requirements 32 amp
    Lounger Yes
    Water Purification Ozone & UV Sanitisation Combination
    Heater 2kw or 3kw
    Average Spa Volume 1249 litres
    HSG282 Compliant Yes
  • Wifi Connectivity
    16 amp electrics


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