Introducing the Marisol, the four seating family sauna. Our favourite thing about this sauna is the benching- notice that instead of one bench there are two that are opposite one another. For a family, or for friends this is perfect, as it makes for a sociable sauna experience!


The Marisol uses ‘far-infrared’ to heat your body directly, which are the longest of infrared waves, meaning that they can penetrate your skin much deeper right through to your muscles. The far-infrared heats your body directly, instead of the air around you like a traditional sauna does- and the best thing about that is that it’s much more tolerable…so you can soak up the warmth for longer periods of time and reap the rewards of having a sauna in your own home!


What is the Marisol made of I hear you ask? The answer is Canadian Hemlock timber, and it’s a perfect match for your sauna as it’s known for its natural strength and durability- so don’t worry, no amount of infrared will damage or decay your sauna.


Let’s talk features though, because this isn’t just a plain and simple sauna…ha, no. The Marisol comes standard with a built-in Bluetooth music system so you can relax to your favourite wind-down tunes, and whilst you’re listening you’ll also have the choice of an array of mood-enhancing lights. Not only does this bring a modern vibe to your brand new home sauna, but it’s perfect for your mental space whilst you’re sweating out those toxins.


  • Seating Capacity 4
    Dimensions 175 x 120 x 194 cm
    Infrared Heaters 2400W, 8 heaters
    Material Canadian Hemlock
    LED Lighting Yes
    Music Bluetooth connectivity
    Moisture Content 8-12%
    Accessories Cup holder, towel rack, magazine rack