If you're looking to get home and relax, what is honestly better than a sauna? The Oriana gives you the freedom to clear your head or take some relaxing time with loved ones whenever you please. With space for three, it's perfect for yourself and some friends, or for the couple who wants that extra touch of room.


The Oriana uses ‘far-infrared’ to heat your body directly, which are the longest of infrared waves, meaning that they can penetrate your skin much deeper right through to your muscles. The far-infrared heats your body directly, instead of the air around you like a traditional sauna does- and the best thing about that is that it’s much more tolerable…so you can soak up the warmth for longer periods of time and reap the rewards of having a sauna in your own home!


What is the Oriana made of I hear you ask? The answer is Canadian Hemlock timber, and it’s a perfect match for your sauna as it’s known for its natural strength and durability- so don’t worry, no amount of infrared will damage or decay your sauna.


Let’s talk features though, because this isn’t just a plain and simple sauna…ha, no. The Oriana comes standard with a built-in Bluetooth music system so you can relax to your favourite wind-down tunes, and whilst you’re listening you’ll also have the choice of an array of mood-enhancing lights. Not only does this bring a modern vibe to your brand new home sauna, but it’s perfect for your mental space whilst you’re sweating out those toxins.


  • Seating Capacity 3
    Dimensions 155 x 110 x 194 cm
    Infrared Heaters 1960W, 5 heaters
    Material Canadian Hemlock
    LED Lighting Yes
    Music Bluetooth connectivity
    Moisture Content 8-12%
    Accessories Cup holder, towel rack, magazine rack