Introducing the XB4 swim spa from Vita Spa, which has enough space for the whole family. The XB4 isn't just a swim spa, it's a hot tub and family favourite with seating for up to 9 people!


This swim spa oozes quality, it's been built in America to the highest of standards by one of the biggest names in the hot tub world...seriously, Vita Spa is known for their high end, premium products and the XB4 is no different. 


But it's not just the quality of the spa that's on another level, its performance is. That's right, this swim spa has been designed to give you a fluid, and effective swimming experience, and that's exactly what it does. Due to its 4 turbo swim jets, you'll be able to swim to the best of your ability, it's the perfect endurance swim.


At the opposite end of the spa you'll find hydrotherapy seating with an array of jets. So, if its a massage you're looking for to start your day, or a wind down recovery session in the evening, the doctor-designed hydrotherapy that this swim spa offers will leave you feeling amazing.


Now, lets talk specification. The XB4 is packed full of state of the art spa features, it has a touch screen control panel and a high quality bluetooth music system, so whether you need workout music, or your favourite chilled tunes, the XB4 has you covered.


You'll also be able to connect this spa to WiFi, so you'll be able to control the settings and systems wherever you are in the world!


  • Seating Capacity 3
    Dimensions 427 x 228 x 127 cm / 169 x 60 x 50 inches
    Pumps 2 x 3hp dual speed
    Total Jets 19 hydrotherapy jets, 4 turbo swim jets
    Electrical Requirements 32 amp
    Lounger No
    Dry Weight 998kg
    Filled Weight 5170kg
    Average Spa Volume 4353 litres
    Heater 3kw
    Music Bluetooth Connectivity
    WiFi Yes
    Touchpad Controls Yes