Hot tubs have always been seen as a luxury item, something to transform your garden into a place for socialising- no matter what the weather. However what many people fail to realise is there's a lot more benefits to owning a hot tub than most people think.
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The Horizon offers an amazing household spa solution. Its tilting device and modern design enhances the look of any hot tub and outside space. It makes sure that the owner’s views are not interrupted.

Whether you’re taking the evening to gaze into the stars, or you’re relaxing in front of a panoramic view, this cover lets you benefit fully from your spa. It doesn’t just look fabulous, it will protect you from the sun’s rays and bad weather. The unique features of this model make it a solution for homeowners who want an eye-popping outdoor layout.

Its refined design gives the Horizon a sleek and streamlined look with its two column design giving the owners fantastic uninterrupted views.

The Horizon offers a wide range of solutions as it is compatible with hot tubs from 200cm to 236cm.

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