Hot tubs have always been seen as a luxury item, something to transform your garden into a place for socialising- no matter what the weather. However what many people fail to realise is there's a lot more benefits to owning a hot tub than most people think.
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Jacuzzi J-495 IP


The J-495TM is an 8 person Hot Tub featuring 62 PowerPro® jets, and is the largest Hot Tub of the Premium line; it’s roomy, ergonomic and offers extraordinary hydromassage qualities. It’s the only Jacuzzi® spa available with three pumps that give it the power required to provide each seat with a customisable hydromassage. There are several waterfalls and controls on the spa deck to adjust the airflow, the quantity of air, its intensity and the direction of each single jet. The J-495TM is provided with the ProClarityTM filtering system, CLEARRAYTM technology, stereo system and a light that indicates its operating mode. Moreover, the SmartSeal® coating prevents dispersions, protects the spa and promotes energy savings. This 8 person Hot Tub really makes your Hot Tub experience one of complete luxury and relaxation Ð every detail has been thought of with you in mind.


Jacuzzi J-495 OVERVIEW

Seating Capacity: 8-9 Adults
Lounge: No
Dimensions: 229 cm x 279 cm x 104 – 116 cm back
Average Spa Volume: 1,968 litres
Dry Weight: 517 kg
Total Filled Weight: 2,862 kg
Total Jets: 62
Pumps: 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp*, 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp*, 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp*
Circulation Pump: Yes – 12 Hours
Heater: 2.7kW


Water Purification System: CLEARRAY®
Filtration: ProClarity®ÊFiltration System with Grill, Skimming Weir and ProCatchTMBag
Filters: 1 x ProClarity®Ê40 sq ft. filter, 1 x ProClear®Ê60 sq ft. filter, 1 x ProClarity®Êdepth load filter


Lighting: LED ProLitesTM System
Pillows: 4
Waterfalls: 2
Prolink Wireless Control: Yes


240v 50Hz 40A


Cabinet: Brazilian Teak, Roasted Chestnut, Silverwood
Shell: Platinum, Opal, Silver Pearl, Sahara, Desert Sand, Monaco, Midnight, Caribbean Surf, Porcelain


Vinyl Leatherette: Brazilian Teak, Roasted Chestnut, Silverwood


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