Hot tubs have always been seen as a luxury item, something to transform your garden into a place for socialising- no matter what the weather. However what many people fail to realise is there's a lot more benefits to owning a hot tub than most people think.
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The Vita Spa Monarque is a gorgeous family tub with space for six to seven people. Every single seat offers a deep and thorough hydromassage with use of its 59 jets…but a foot massage is also added in its large footwell, for every person in the spa! As it can be seen, the variation in jets is different between each seat. So, once you’ve made your way round the spa (this is what we reccommend for the full massage experience), you will feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed!

Similarly to the other spas in the 500 Series, it comes with Bluetooth speakers and a Smart Touch2 Control panel, as well as it having LED fountains, LED underwater lights, LED cup holders and a waterfall.

Vita Spa Monarque OVERVIEW

Seating Capacity: 6-7 Persons
Dimensions: 211 x 211 x 96.5 cm
Average Spa Volume: 1189 litres
Dry Weight:  394 kg
Total Filled Weight: 1500 kg
Total Jets: 59
Pumps: 2 x 3Hp dual speed pumps
Heater: 32 AMP


LED Interior Light
Freeze Protection
Vital Energy Insulation
Perma-Shield Bottom pan
Aurora Beverage Coaster
Illuminated Control Valves
Northern Exposure
Steel Frame
Smart Touch2 Control
Champagne Air (10 air jets)
Vita Tunes

Optional Extras:

CleanZone Ultra
Wifi Connectivity


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