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Hot tub sales in North Wales are booming

North Wales is going bonkers for hot tubs and swim spas with Concept Spa seeing a record number of hot tub sales in 2019.


It’s the place of picturesque mountain tops and panoramic sea views, the place to reconnect with nature and rekindle your youth on post card worthy beaches. North Wales is a place which is rich in culture and in history and showcases its heritage proudly, for all to see. It really is no wonder that North Wales continues to be voted as one of the most beautiful places in the world, all it takes is a flying visit to see why. 

Why the sudden increase in hot tub sales within the North Wales area?

We’ve found that in recent years a lot of people within the UK are swapping their vacations for ‘staycations’ for reasons related to Brexit, saving money and convenience. This has led to a huge boost to North Wales tourism which has been propelled by a range of businesses such as Zip World and Surf Snowdonia who offer unique, adrenaline filled experiences. This has resulted in a spike to the rental industry in North Wales to accommodate the thrill-seeking Brits looking for something a bit different. 

Where hot tubs come in

It is common knowledge that within the rental industry there are three key factors which can set you apart from the competition. These being: hot tubs, log burners and ‘dog friendly’. Forward thinking businesspeople have been quick to adopt hot tubs for their holiday properties to attract guests across the UK and have seen remarkable results from it. It has been shown that rental properties with a hot tub perform on average 60% better than those without, benefiting from both increased bookings and rental value. I mean… can you think of a better place to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes North Wales has to offer than from one of the world’s leading hot tubs? What’s helped us as a company to differentiate ourselves from the other hot tub suppliers is our focus on customer service. We understand that if you’re to purchase a hot tub for a commercial purpose, it’s imperative that it continues to work as it should. If for whatever reason your hot tub which was bought from us stopped working as it should, we then have a target of 48 hours to come out and diagnose the problem. So far, we’ve managed to achieve this in less than 24 hours, every time. 


Apart from this we also feel that a lot of people in North Wales are becoming more aware of the health and lifestyle benefits associated with owning a hot tub. It really is a great addition to any family home, especially in the wintertime. Sitting in a hot tub at 40℃, surrounded by snow with your favoured drink in hand… it really doesn’t get much better than that. 

Our flexible finance packages have meant that almost anyone can now afford their very own hot tub, with prices starting from the equivalent of a bottle of wine per week. Seriously, we’re not joking.