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Build your own sauna today. Enquire for a price.


Have you dreamed of building your very own sauna, unique and personalised to your specific needs? Well… good news, now you can! We offer a bespoke service that allows you to do just that. Simply get in touch with us or book an appointment and we will use your specifications to create a commitment-free 3D digital mock-up of your dream sauna. Our bespoke saunas are hand-crafted in Sweden, we then build them for you on-site. Our bespoke saunas are perfect for domestic and commercial applications.

The average price for one of our Swedish-made bespoke saunas is around £15,000 – £20,000 plus VAT. Prices vary based on size, spec and type of wood used.

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Bespoke Harmony Tylö saunas for sale


Choose your style and set the mood with our range of adaptive lighting packages. Whether you want downlight, silhouette lighting or something else we will work with you to ensure that the sauna you receive is exactly how you want it.

Steam options with Tylö combo heater

Turn your Sauna into a soft sauna with the steam option

Tylö has combined the many benefits of dry saunas and steam rooms with their incredible innovation. By opting for a ‘Combi’ heater, not only will you have access to a traditional sauna, but you will also be able to increase the humidity to as much as 70%! Better yet, by choosing the Elite Combi you will also be able to regulate the humidity all from the touchscreen control panel. Plus, create user profiles and access your sauna from anywhere in the world via the Wi-Fi app.

Typically steam rooms are set at around 90% humidity. The benefit of introducing up to 70% humidity into the sauna is that you can reduce the overall temperature, making for a softer and less intense sauna experience.

  • Steam possibility included. Aroma and mineral therapies are available.
  • Split output functionality. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached (available with Elite heater).
  •  Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.


Thermosafe technology

Thermosafe Protective Coating

Our Tylö heaters are coated in a Thermosafe protective coating. Protecting users from accidental skin burns.

Note: the top of the heater does not have Thermosafe coating, only the front, back and sides.

Elite control panel sauna

Touch Screen Control Panel Option

If you’re someone who wants to get the absolute most out of your sauna, then we would recommend going for an ‘Elite’ heater. This will give you full access to your sauna from anywhere in the world and will also allow you to set user profiles with saved sauna settings.

Smart and patented features make the Elite a perfect choice for energy-efficient sauna bathing. Elite Cloud control panel with wifi connectivity and cloud-based functionality for maximum advantage and comfort is included.

• Easy and convenient wifi control panel with full overview.
• Highly automated and scheduled use for maximum freedom and flexibility.
• Split output functionality. Reduces power output once the set temperature is reached.

Bespoke Harmony Tylö saunas for sale

Huge Range Of Styling Options

When we say that we will build your dream sauna exactly how you want it, we mean it. We offer a HUGE range of different options, from the types of wood used both inside and outside the sauna. We can change the amount of glass used, do you want a full glass front or a glass corner, or even a rounded glass corner? We can even change the styling of the benches, we have classic options and even floating bench options.

The choices are almost endless!


Bespoke Harmony Tylö saunas for sale

Add infrared to your bespoke sauna

Utilise the benefits of infrared by adding infrared panels to your bespoke sauna, creating the ultimate space the relax, unwind and recover. Use this alongside your traditional Tylö sauna heater for two different ways to sauna.

Or, why not add the Combi heater to also benefit from steam! That’s one sauna with a total of three different forms of heat therapy.

Bespoke saunas for sale

3D Designs So You Can See Your Design Come To Life

We will sit down and create a 3D sauna design to your exact requirements right in front of your eyes so that you can see your ideas come to life. Once approved we will send the designs over to our factory in Sweden for a quote.

If you would like us to turn your dream into a reality, please give us a call, book an appointment or visit us at our showroom.

Book an appointment today

Book An Appointment Today

If you like the sound of building your very own bespoke sauna to your exact requirements, then get in touch today. We recommend either a virtual appointment where we can build the 3D design together through screen share or a physical appointment in-store.



All specifications are unique to your requirments
Build your own bespoke sauna

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