Hot tubs have always been seen as a luxury item, something to transform your garden into a place for socialising- no matter what the weather. However what many people fail to realise is there's a lot more benefits to owning a hot tub than most people think.
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Jacuzzi J-435 IP


Designed using a state of the art process, the J-435™ hot tub delivers a modern interior perfect for a wide range of body types and heights. 5 seating options including a jetted cool down seat unique to the J-435™ feature integrated PowerPro® jets with a tailored treatment for each seat that delivers a luxurious full body hydromassage. The waterfall seat combines a single jet and a cascade of water to deliver a soft tissue experience. A wide sheet of water from the waterfall soothes the shoulders whilst the jet invigorates the upper back to relieve stress and strain. In addition the forward facing lounge seat allows you to fully immerse your body into the water and feel the effects of the jets on your legs and feet whilst further PowerPro® jets provide a treatment to your shoulders and back. Thanks to the high back and innovative design of the J-435™, even when the surrounding temperature is much cooler, you are enveloped in warmth for a much more luxurious hot tub experience. Other modern innovations include the dual purpose illuminated diverter knobs which are designed to also act as cup holders for added convenience, and adjustable pillows that provide the perfect place to rest your head and adds enhanced relaxation for people of varying heights.



Seating: 5

Dimensions: 213cm x 213cm x 91cm – 109cm back

Total filled weight: 2,037 kg

Average spa volume: 1,363 litres

Filtration: CLEARRAY plus 5 stages of simultaneous filtration separate from jet pump


  • Exterior corner lighting package
  • Bluewave spa stereo
  • SmartSeal insulation
  • PROLAST outdoor hot tub cover


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