With the phrase ‘I need a holiday’ rolling off most of our tongues at the moment, and the advice being to hold off travelling abroad where possible – it’s no surprise that people across the U.K. have been flocking to popular Welsh hot spots.

Whether you’re a mountain hiking enthusiast looking to up your selfie game, or if chilling out on a post-card worthy beach is more your style – Wales really does have something for everyone.

But is having a holiday let in Wales enough to generate bookings, or is there more to it? We’ve spoken to holiday let owners across the country to find out what really is the ‘secret ingredient’ to so many forward-thinking entrepreneurs’ success in an increasingly competitive industry. The answer? If you hadn’t guessed it already, it’s having a hot tub. It almost sounds cliché, but it really is that simple. Holiday thirsty Brits have substituted the traditional poolside getaway abroad with picturesque Welsh landscapes and a hot tub to soak up the view.

In essence, listing your holiday property with a hot tub gets your foot in the door, from there potential guests will check out your reviews, location, amenities and what else you have to offer.

Mark White, boss of Ocky White Travel said “it seems everything with a hot tub will sell” when it comes to booking a holiday at home (N. Bourne, BBC News, 2021).

There’s a lot of pent-up demand for holidays in general and choice is limited due to the travel restrictions. We feel that people have learned not to take anything for granted, as such we’re already seeing the traditionally quiet winter months being snapped up, with people booking as far ahead as summer 2023.


When you’re shopping for most things online these days, you’ll have the option to use ‘filters’, the same applies when searching through our website to find your perfect hot tub. ‘Filters’ provide perspective customers with a means of narrowing down the available options to those which are more relevant to them. It’s as simple as, if you want to stay somewhere with a hot tub, only properties which offer hot tubs will be displayed and those that don’t will be hidden from your selection.

Most of us have a natural affinity to water, beaches, pools, waterparks…you name it! Hot tubs offer a relaxing and safe way to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. After the last few years we’ve had, it’s safe to say that many of us are looking for a means to escape, unwind and de-stress…and why not!

Apart from having a huge effect on the volume of bookings a rental property can have, in our experience hot tubs can also increase rental value by as much as 20%. It’s a no brainer for anyone looking to accelerate their return on investment.

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