Something we get asked all the time is ‘what do I need to do in preparation for the delivery of our new hot tub?’. It can sound a bit daunting at first, but we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.


First thing’s first, ensure that there is sufficient access for us to deliver the hot tub.

Before we delve into this, it’s important to understand how we deliver our hot tubs. Your hot tub will be delivered on its side, so the minimum width that we’ll be able to take the hot tub down will be the height of the hot tub, plus 5cm to allow for packaging and the ski (over 1 meter).

For example, if the route that the hot tub will be taking is down the side of your house and the height of the hot tub is 90cm, then you’ll need to allow 100cm (minimum) for us to get the hot tub through. However, if the hot tub is 97cm in height then you will need to allow 102cm in width.

Remember, you’ll need to measure the narrowest point, taking into consideration window ledges, drainpipes, gate posts etc.

Will the hot tub be going up steps? It is possible to take a hot tub up some steps using planks, but if this is the case, we would highly recommend giving us a call/sending us some images so we can determine whether or not a delivery would be possible.

If you do not have sufficient access, then using a crane or a Hiab could be an option for you.

Please note: if we need to use a crane, build ramps or bring additional bodies to the site in aid of the delivery, then there may be an additional charge. It’s always a good idea to talk this through with us so we can evaluate what the best options are.


The majority of our hot tubs require a 32amp power supply. For this you’ll need to have an ip65 isolator switch installed, located more than 5 feet from where the hot tub is going, remember electric and water don’t mix well. As this is your kill switch you want it to be within eyeshot of the hot tub. This will be connected directly to your mains consumer unit, we recommend doing so with 6mm armoured cable.

We recommend that you contact a qualified electrical engineer to carry out this work. If you require the contact details for a trusted contractor, please let us know.

Base for your hot tub

The hot tub must be positioned on a flat, level, free draining base suitable to hold the weight of the hot tub (filled with water and with bathers). It’s so important to ensure that the base is even, as an uneven base will cause the unit to flex and may cause irreparable damage and void the manufacturers warranty.

If the hot tub is going to be installed onto a concrete slab/base, then it is important to ensure that this has been constructed with a minimum thickness of 4 inches/102mm and may need to be reinforced depending on the local ground substrate.

The hot tub can also be placed onto decking, paving slabs or decorative pavers providing they have been laid on a sub-base suitable to support the weight of the hot tub. When hot tubs are filled with water and people you can expect their weight in most cases to exceed 3 tons.

Please note: we recommend that hot tubs are installed on a concrete base at least 4 inches in thickness. Although installing the hot tub onto paving slabs/ stone is possible, we encounter a lot of issues with hot tubs rocking on these kinds of bases. Our engineers will not fill the hot tub if they feel the base is not suitable, if we have to re-schedule the delivery or carry out additional visits then there may be an additional charge.

We do not recommend sinking the hot tub into the ground or decking. You must not install the hot tub anywhere which could put the hot tub at risk of flooding its internal components. For example, if the hot tub has been sunken into the ground, heavy rain could fill the hole with water which in turn could flood the tub.

Another issue is access, if we need to perform any future maintenance on the hot tub, we may need access to all sides of the hot tub. If the hot tub is to be sunken into decking, then we would recommend installing removable access panels.


Cover lifter: will you be wanting a cover lifter installed onto your hot tub? If so, leave extra room at the back of the hot tub for the cover to fall back in conjunction with enough headroom for the cover to fold over. We advise to allow 18 inches at the back of the hot tub.

Access: if in a few years time we have to conduct maintenance or repairs on the hot tub, will our engineers be able to access the internal workings of the spa? If the cabinets are surrounded by decking, have you included removable service hatches?

For a more detailed overview of everything which you’ll need to consider before the arrival of your new hot tub, download our pre-installation guide below.

Hot tub maintenance