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Dimensions: 305(D) x 231(W) x 283(H)cm Full Specification

Experience unparalleled relaxation with The Montclair Luxury Sauna, handmade in Europe and a masterpiece of design and functionality. Crafted with the finest Grade A Thermo Aspen, it ensures durability and a sleek, knot-free finish. The FF-PIR insulation provides exceptional energy efficiency and temperature stability. The panoramic smoked glass window and advanced door components offer style and practicality. Choose between a 9kW HUMM electric heater with remote control options or a traditional wood-fired stove. With high-end materials and superior construction, the Montclair ensures long-lasting performance and ultimate comfort.

40 amp, 13 amp
Power Supply
Wood-Burning, Electric
Heater Type
Pitched roof
Sauna Type

Delivery and installation (2-3 days build time)

Delivery and Installation (+£599.00)

Heater Options

9kW Electric HUMM Heater (+£679.00)
Wood-Fired Heater (+£1,299.00)

Choose your control panel (electric heater)

Local controller (+£439.00)
Wifi controller (+£627.00)
4G controller (cellular) (+£699.00)
Black glass local controller (+£599.00)
Black glass wifi controller (+£789.00)
Black glass 4G controller (+£797.00)
Gold glass local controller (+£599.00)
Gold glass wifi controller (+£797.00)
Gold glass 4G controller (+£837.00)
Mirror glass local controller (+£599.00)
Mirror glass wifi controller (+£797.00)
Mirror glass 4G controller (+£837.00)
Product price: £13,999.00
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£13,999.00 Inc. VAT

Wood fired and electric heating options in traditional sauna.

Electric and Wood-Fired Heating Options

The Montclair Luxury Sauna offers two exceptional heating options: a classic all-electric heater or a majestic wood-fired stove.

Electric Heating Option:

  • 9kW HUUM Wall-Mounted Heater: Chosen for its contemporary design and reliability, the HUUM heater delivers efficient, consistent heating. We also include 55kg of premium, rounded stones that enhance the sauna’s look and offer advanced durability.
  • Easy Temperature Control: Pair the electric heater with a controller. Choose from local controllers for inside use or opt for WiFi or cellular controllers to adjust the temperature remotely from anywhere in the world.

Montclair outdoor sauna for sale

Wood-Fired Heating Option:

  • Complete Setup: This option includes a flue, wood-fired stove, protective stones under and behind the stove, and premium, rounded stones, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient setup.
  • Rapid Heating: Wood-fired stoves generally heat the sauna faster than electric heaters and do not require an electrical supply, offering both efficiency and versatility.

Both heating options ensure a luxurious, customisable sauna experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of electric heating or the traditional charm of a wood-fired stove, the Montclair provides the best of both worlds.

Montclair outdoor sauna for sale

Pitched Roof

The Montclair Luxury Sauna showcases a stunning pitched roof, inspired by the classic U.K. detached house. This durable design prevents heavy snowfall buildup and efficiently directs rainwater away. The added height not only enhances the feeling of spaciousness but also ensures ample headroom, allowing even the tallest users to relax comfortably. Enjoy a luxurious, open feel in your sauna, free from the worry of low ceilings.

Metal roof and wall panel coating on luxury sauna

Metal Roof and Side Walls

The Montclair Luxury Sauna boasts high-grade metal roofing and side walls, designed with a sophisticated multi-layer structure commonly used in luxury coastal housing. This premium material ensures a leak-proof design, outstanding durability, and a sleek, modern look.

Metal roof and wall panel coating on luxury sauna

Here’s what makes this metal exceptional:

  1. Polyester Coating: Provides a sleek finish and superior weather resistance.
  2. Backing Layer: Enhances structural support and stability.
  3. Surface Treatment: Adds an extra layer of protection for increased longevity.
  4. Zinc Coating: Shields against corrosion, crucial for coastal environments.
  5. Steel Core: Ensures unmatched strength and integrity.


EIRA, being a coastal company, insists on the highest quality materials. This metal is no exception, offering robust protection against rain, snow, and salty sea air. The Montclair’s metal roof and walls not only enhance its visual appeal but also ensure long-lasting performance.

Choose the Montclair for a luxury sauna experience that combines beauty, durability, and top-notch protection against the elements. Enjoy peace of mind and exceptional quality with every use.

Montclair outdoor sauna for sale

Porched Front + Drain

The Montclair Luxury Sauna boasts a stunning porched front, equipped with five towel hooks for your convenience. This thoughtful feature allows you to shelter from the wind and rain while you derobe, adding a layer of comfort to your sauna experience.

The porch also provides essential protection for the door and glass area, significantly reducing the risk of heavy rainfall entering the sauna. Additionally, the porch comes standard with a drain, ensuring any unlikely pooling from heavy rainfall is quickly and efficiently removed. With these features, the Montclair ensures a dry, serene environment inside, regardless of the weather outside.


Montclair outdoor sauna for sale

Premium Wood Selection

The Montclair Luxury Sauna is an aesthetic marvel, crafted with the finest woods. The walls, ceiling, benches, and backrest feature Grade A Thermo Aspen, selected for its beauty and superior suitability for sauna use, ensuring a sleek, knot-free finish.

The floors are made from Grade C Thermo Pine, chosen for its durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic.

Thermal treatment improves the wood’s stability and resistance to changes caused by moisture and temperature fluctuations. This significantly reduces the risk of warping, cracking, and shrinking, ensuring the materials remain beautiful and functional in the high heat and humidity typical of a sauna environment.

Montclair outdoor sauna for sale

Designed For Comfort

The Montclair Luxury Sauna is meticulously designed for unparalleled comfort. It features upper and lower-tier benches with an L-shaped design that are 60cm deep. This depth ensures ample space for even the broadest individuals to lay down comfortably while remaining shallow enough to provide comfort when sitting.

The backrests are thoughtfully curved to offer excellent support for your back, enhancing overall comfort.

We believe you’ll struggle to find another sauna on the market that matches the comfort of the Montclair.

Montclair outdoor sauna for sale

Panoramic Window with Upgraded Door Components

The Montclair Luxury Sauna features a stunning panoramic window made of smoked glass, providing privacy while allowing you to enjoy the view. This window design not only enhances the sauna’s aesthetic appeal but also eliminates common issues associated with wooden door frames, such as swelling due to rain. This ensures seamless year-round use without the need for adjustments.

Key features of the upgraded door components include:

  • Spring-Loaded, Stainless Steel Hinges: These hinges, painted with protective black paint, are designed to keep the door securely closed, even in windy conditions.
  • Roller Closer: Ensures the door closes smoothly and stays shut, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Stainless Steel Lock: Painted with protective black paint, this lock allows you to secure the door against unwanted use or in extreme weather conditions.

These materials and components are purposefully selected to enhance the longevity of the Montclair, especially in coastal areas. Every detail is crafted to offer the highest grade possible, ensuring your sauna remains a luxurious, durable, and reliable retreat.

Montclair outdoor sauna for sale


The Montclair Luxury Sauna features a backlit bench and backrest, providing a soft, natural glow that illuminates the space with a relaxing tone. This ambient lighting creates a soothing atmosphere, enhancing your relaxation experience and making every sauna session more enjoyable.


Fully insulated outdoor sauna

Efficient Insulation

The Montclair Luxury Sauna is designed with exceptional insulation to maximise efficiency and comfort. We use 30mm thick Finnfoam FF-PIR insulation panels with diffusion-proof aluminium laminate, renowned for their superior performance in high-temperature and high-humidity environments—ideal for saunas.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Optimal Thermal Performance: The 30mm FF-PIR insulation ensures superior thermal efficiency, allowing the sauna to heat up quickly and retain warmth. Despite its spaciousness, the Montclair remains incredibly energy-efficient.
  • Temperature Resistance: With a service range of -50°C to +120°C and the ability to temporarily withstand over +200°C, FF-PIR insulation is safe and reliable for sauna conditions.
  • Moisture Protection: The aluminium laminate on the FF-PIR panels provides excellent air-tightness and water vapour resistance, preventing moisture penetration and maintaining the insulation’s integrity over time.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Seams between panels are sealed with polyurethane foam and heat-resistant tape, ensuring an airtight and efficient structure.

Using 30mm of FF-PIR insulation, the Montclair Luxury Sauna guarantees exceptional thermal performance, durability, and energy efficiency. This high-quality insulation enhances your sauna experience and ensures a long-lasting, cost-effective investment.


Health benefits of using a sauna

Over the years, saunas have become a popular choice for those seeking to improve their health and wellness. Let’s face it, saunas feel amazing! And the fact that they’re incredibly good for you is a massive bonus.

Here are some impressive health benefits associated with using a sauna:

  • Improved Circulation: As your body temperature rises in the sauna, your blood vessels dilate, increasing circulation. This helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs while removing toxins and waste products from your body.
  • Reduced Stress: Sauna sessions have been shown to lower cortisol levels, helping you feel more relaxed and at ease.
  • Enhanced Immune Function: Regular sauna use can boost your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness and infection.
  • Better Skin Health: The heat and steam of a sauna open up your pores, allowing your skin to breathe and release toxins. This can lead to clearer, healthier-looking skin.
  • Pain Relief: If you suffer from joint pain or muscle soreness, spending time in a sauna can help. The heat increases blood flow to your muscles and joints, relieving pain and stiffness.

So there you have it – just a few of the many health benefits that come with using a sauna. If you’re looking to relax, unwind, and boost your overall health and well-being, investing in a sauna might be just what you need.


Seat Layout
2 tier benches with L shaped bench
305(D) x 231(W) x 283(H)cm
Internal Sauna Dimensions
227(D) x 207(W) x 258(H)
Porch Dimensions
67(D) x 207(W) x 258(H)cm
Benches Depth
Bottom Level Bench Height Off Floor
Top Level Bench Height Off Floor
Material Used For Walls And Ceilings
Grade A Thermo Aspen
Material Used For Foundation Beams
Vacuum sealed impregnated pine
Material Used For Floor
Grade C Thermo Pine
Material Used For Roof and External Side Walls
Construction grade PHR metal panelling
30mm FF-PIR with diffusion-proof aluminum laminate
Stainless Steel Lock With Key
✔️ (with protective black coating)
Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Hinges
✔️ (with protective black coating)
Towel Hooks
Electrical Requirements
40 amp (13 amp with wood burning option for LED lighting)
9kw HUUM electric heater or EIRA wood-burning stove
Sauna Ventilation
✔️ (adjustable)
Windows and Glass Door
Smoked single glazed 8mm tempered glass
LED Lighting
2 x LED lights with switch
Sauna Style
Pitched roof

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