So, you want something that’s big… bold and exclusive and that’s why you’re looking at the E680 from our BeWell executive range. Being manufactured in Canada this hot tub oozes quality and boasts industry leading warranties.




The patented, beautiful curved design of the E680 is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll struggle to walk past without getting up close and personal. Seating up to 6 adults, encompassing a large footwell and deep ergonomic seating there’s more than enough room for the whole family. Get togethers will never be the same.


The massage


With a range of jet placements from seat to seat, the concept behind this spa is to provide the user with a tailored massage experience. As you move your way around the E680 you’ll notice that each seat targets a range of key muscles within the body. But it’s not just about the layout, this hot tub utilises a range of jet types including rotational jets for that deep tissue massage you’ve been dreaming about.


Looking for a massage which is even deeper? The volcano jet is your go-to jet for instant relief from knots and tension related muscular pain.


Did we mention this thing has 4 pumps! It’s powerful!




Ambient mood enhancing lighting can be found in near enough every part of this hot tub, from the controls, to the footwell, perimeter, in the illuminated cup holders, the backlit waterfall and even behind the jets! That’s right, there’s even LED lighting behind the jets. Seriously, at night the E680 really comes into its element.




This hot tub offers a Bluetooth Sound system loud enough to make you very unpopular with the neighbours, it also comes with a subwoofer. In terms of the quality of the sound, it’s crisp, clean and rich… if you’re a music lover, you’ll absolutely love this hot tub. The sound system has also been fully integrated into the touch screen control panel. There you can control everything from the audio sources, volume and settings.


BeWell Self Cleaning System


The automatic water treatment system generates and releases bromine into the water to eliminate microbiological contaminants such as waterborne bacteria, algae, and organic matter given off by spa bathers for a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience every time the spa is used.

You’ll get clear, clean and soft water every time you use your spa and you will never need to add any other harsh chemicals to the water of your spa.

Even if your schedule keeps you away for weeks, you are sure to enjoy a clear, clean and soft spa water experience when you return.


BeWell Wifi


Control your spa from anywhere in the world


The BeWell wifi allows immediate access to your spa from anywhere in the world. It transforms your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into your ultimate wireless remote control, enabling you to control all aspects of your spa, from your fingertips.

The application makes it very easy to control and program functions and features of your spa from your smartphone or your tablet, even when you’re away from home. Push notifications will always keep you informed on the status of your spa, even when your app is not open.


Quality Construction


Every BeWell spa is made from the finest 4" x 2" Canadian Pine, which is treated to class 4, meaning it is protected against weathering and will not degrade. The advantage of using wood is that it absorbs vibrations made by the powerful jets.


BeWell only the best insulation across their range, with 4cm thick, high density polyurethane which is backed with heat reflective surfaces. This both reflects the heat back into the spas cabinet but also reflects the external air away. The acrylic shells, meanwhile, are thermoformed and laminated in our Canadian factory. BeWells experience and expertise has enabled them to produce an excellent finish and be fully weather resistant.

E680 Executive

  • Seating Capacity 6
    Dimensions 234 x 234 x 102 cm / 93 x 93 x 41 inches
    Pumps 3 x 3hp
    Total Jets 80
    Electrical Requirements 32 amp
    Lounger Yes 
    Dry Weight 440kg
    Filled Weight 2340kg
    Average Spa Volume 1900 litres
    Heater 3kw
    Water Purification Ozone sanitation
    Music Bluetooth connectivity + subwoofer
    Backlit Jets Yes
    WiFi Yes
    Touchpad controls Yes
    Self Cleaning System in.Clear