Introducing the Prestige from our Vita Spa range, which comfortably seats up to 5 adults and includes a lounger. When it comes to hot tub hydrotherapy this really does deliver, with doctor designed jet arrangements the Prestige targets specific muscle groups, thus providing a truly sensational and high-end massage experience. Each seat incorporates a different variation of jets, meaning that as you move around this hot tub you will experience different levels of hydro-massage.


On top of that, this hot tub includes a high-end Bluetooth music system which offers extraordinary sound quality and an added subwoofer. If you love music, then you’ll love this hot tub. What else? The Prestige comes standard with a lifetime warranty on its steel frame construction and has a very nice lighting package which is sure to impress any friends or family who come over to visit. Ambient mood enhancing perimeter lighting as well as lighting in the footwell, on the controls, backlit waterfall and illuminated cup holders transforms this spa when the sun starts to set.


The Prestige also has a touch screen control panel, allowing for ease of use and gives the user more control of the spa. From choosing the colour of the lighting to changing the base levels on the Bluetooth music system to choosing how many filtration cycles come on per day.


Talking about insulation? The Prestige utilises material BlueMaxx insulation around the perimeter of the spa. Keeping the heat in and due to the additional layer of Thinsulate it also keeps the cold out, lowering your running costs significantly.


Ozone sanitisation can also be found within this spa which is another thing which will help to combat any bacteria within the spa water on top of your chemical care.