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Dimensions: 381 x 236 x 135cm Full Specification

Introducing the J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa from Jacuzzi®, a compact yet powerful addition to our collection that brings luxury and affordability together. This 12ft model offers all the incredible benefits of larger swim spas at an affordable price.

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with five hydrotherapy seats and bench seating for four. But the J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa goes beyond relaxation. It takes your swimming experience to new heights with two PowerPlay™ CX swim jets, it’s perfect for beginners or those seeking a relaxed swimming experience.

The J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa features a large inside surface and non-slip base, creating the perfect environment for water-based workouts and teaching your children to swim. All from the comfort of your own home.

2 x PowerPlay™ CX swim jets
Swim Jets
40 amp
Power Supply

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Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale


Discover the ultimate swim spa experience with the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 With its exceptional range of LED lighting, you can set the mood by cycling through a variety of colours.

💡 LED base lights

💡 Exterior cabinet lighting

💡 Backlit waterfall

💡 Backlit diverters

💡 Backlit swim spa jets

💡 Illuminated Jacuzzi badge

Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale

Relaxed Swim

The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 offers a relaxed swim experience with airless jets, great for beginners and children.

Note: The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 is not fit for athletes seeking a top level swim experience.

Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale

Therapy Seats

Relax and Unwind with the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 swim spa.

The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 swim spa isn’t just about exercise – it’s also a luxurious way to relax and unwind. With seating for up to 9 people, the The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 has been designed to offer an industry-leading hydromassage, utilising Jacuzzi’s® famous and patented jets, you can be assured that the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 swim spa will soothe your aches and pains away. It really is an experience like no other.

The diverters in the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ allow you to customise the intensity of the therapy jets, whether you’re looking for a soft or deep tissue massage. The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ will provide you with high-end hydrotherapy right where you need it most. Adjustable headrests ensure optimal comfort.

Transform your outside space into a spa-like oasis with the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 swim spa.

Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale

Clean Pure Water

Jacuzzi® believe in clean, pure water. This is why they have developed CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen™.

With a combination of industry-leading U.V. and Ozone technology, the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ harnesses the power of air and light. Exclusive to Jacuzzi® products, the advanced oxidation process involves the use of injected ozone gas and a UV-C bulb. once the ozone is activated, it destroys contaminants and waterborne pathogens.

What does this mean?

  • Reduce swim spa chemical usage by up to 50%
  • Save money on maintenance products
  • Soak in water that contains fewer chemicals. Kinder to your skin.
Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale

Running Costs

Many people are keen to know how much it costs to run one of our Jacuzzi® swim spas, but with every owner using theirs in a different way, it can be very difficult to give an entirely accurate, one-size-fits-all answer. However, what we can tell you is that all Jacuzzi® swim spas are put through rigorous independent testing by the California Energy Commission (CEC) who set stringent standards for how much energy a hot tub can use.

Thanks to the high-quality design which features a strong shell, foam insulation, SmartSeal™ insulation, insulated floor and fully adjustable venting our Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ exceeds these standards. Giving you the peace of mind that you are choosing one of the most energy-efficient swim spas in the world.

Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale


The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ swim spa is equipped with a user-friendly control panel for easy and convenient operation.

Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale

Resistance Training

Discover the versatility of the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ swim spa.

The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ is perfect for a range of fitness activities. Thanks to the natural buoyancy of the water, you can exercise without putting pressure on your joints or muscles. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from aches and pains.

Jacuzzi PowerPlay J-13 swim spa for sale


The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ comes with some of the best warranties in the industry.

  • 10 years – Shell Structure
  • 5 years – Shell Surface
  • 3 years – Equipment and Controls
  • 3 years – Plumbing components
  • 5 years – Cabinet

For full warranty details, please see the warranty information located at the bottom of the page under ‘More Information’.

Jacuzzi Smart Tub

SmartTub® (Cell 3G)

SmartTub® is an optional extra on the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ J-13 swim spa.

What does Smart Tub do? 

• Adjust the temperature, jets, and lights

• Lock down your hot tub and prevent usage

• Set up an automated usage schedule

• Get real-time notifications and reminders

• Track energy usage reports

• Pair with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and wearables

• Enjoy new features updated automatically

• Automatically alerts your dealer if your hot tub needs attention

• Detect power outages, freezing, and overheating

• Optimise energy savings with industry-first Smart Heat Mode, which learns your usage and lets you control how much energy you use


The SmartTub® System incorporates the best technologies for connected products, leveraging the fact that hot tubs are located outdoors. Directly connect to local cell towers, Jacuzzi® has partnered with major wireless carriers around the world to ensure stable networks with maximised performance without affecting your personal cellular plan.

Jacuzzi PowerPro J-16 swim spa for sale

Optional Rolling Cover

The Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ swim spa will come as standard with a grey ProLast™ hardcover which is supplied free of charge. For those who are considering covering the swim spa with something such as a pergola, or for those who want an easier option, we would highly recommend upgrading to the rolling cover.

Jacuzzi PowerPro J-16 swim spa for sale

Light, energy-efficient, and easy to use, the next generation of swim spa cover creates a complete seal and can be opened by one person in less than 60 seconds.

Jacuzzi PowerPro J-16 swim spa for sale

Benefits Of Owning A Swim Spa

If you’re someone who’s looking for a versatile and beneficial addition to your home, then look no further than the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ swim spa! Whether you’re an athlete seeking to enhance your fitness regimen, or simply seeking a relaxing way to unwind after a long day, a swim spa offers a range of health and wellness benefits. With powerful jets and adjustable water temperature, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own garden. Swim spas are also perfect for socialising, offering enough space for your friends and family. Plus, with year-round use and low maintenance requirements, a swim spa is a wise investment in your health and happiness. So why wait? Reserve your dream swim spa today!


Swimming lane with seating for up to 9 x people
381 x 236 x 135cm
Useable Swim Area
244cm (L)
Swim Jets
2 x PowerPlay™ CX swim jets
Therapy Jets
Buoyancy Air Jet
Swimming Level
Swim Selector
Pre-Programmed Training Modes
1 x 3hp (2 speed pump) + 2 x 3hp (1 speed pump)
Circulation Pump
Swim Spa Type
Single Zone
Electrical Requirements
40 amp
Dry Weight
Filled Weight
Average Spa Volume
5,093 litres
1 x 3KW titanium heater
4 Tier insulation including full foam and SmartSeal™ insulation
Heat Pump Ready
CEC™ Approved for Optimal Energy Efficiency
Control System
Jacuzzi controls
LED Lighting
Water Features
Backlit waterfall
Water Purification
CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen™
SmartTub® (Cell 3G)
Optional extra

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