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Dimensions: 381 x 226 x 131cm Full Specification

Introducing the SOUL3900™ Swim Spa, part of the Jacuzzi® group, a compact swim spa that harmonises both luxury and affordability. This 12ft model offers some of the incredible benefits of larger swim spas at an affordable price.

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with two hydrotherapy seats and a large plunge area. It’s the perfect option for those looking for something big enough for the whole family, that don’t need the facility of a swimming current.

Swim Jets
25 amp
Power Supply

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SOUL3900™ Swim Spa for sale


Discover the ultimate swim spa experience with the SOUL3900™ With its exceptional range of LED lighting, you can set the mood by cycling through a variety of colours.

SOUL3900™ Swim Spa for sale

Therapy Seats

Relax and Unwind with the SOUL3900™ swim spa.

The SOUL3900™ swim spa isn’t just about having a splash around – it’s also a luxurious way to relax and unwind. With seating for up to 3 people and a range of hydro jets, the SOUL3900™ has been designed to offer targeted therapy right where you need it most.

Transform your outside space into a spa-like oasis with the SOUL3900™ swim spa.

Jacuzzi PowerPro J-16 swim spa for sale

Ozone sanitation

Clarity of water is important, that’s why the SOUL3900™ swim spa utilises the very latest in Ozone technology. But what does Ozone do? When used in conjunction with your regular hot tub sanitiser (e.g., chlorine or bromine), ozone will help to kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses and germs. Which means that you’ll in turn need less sanitiser, helping to reduce the amount you spend on chemicals whilst keeping your spa water cleaner and clearer.

SOUL3900™ Swim Spa for sale


The SOUL3900™ will come as standard with a high-density locking cover.

These premium covers use a heat shrink-sealed high-density foam liner to prevent water ingress and extend the life of the cover.

Furthermore the SOUL3900™ is equipped with perimeter insulation on the inside of the cabinet. This creates an air gap between the plumbing and the swim spa shell, thus locking in heat generated from the plumbing that would otherwise be lost. Helping to keep running costs down.

SOUL3900™ Swim Spa for sale

Intuitive control system

The SOUL 3900™ swim spa is equipped with a user-friendly control panel for easy and convenient operation. Turn the lights on/ off to suit your mood and set the temperature to the desired comfort level.

SOUL3900™ Swim Spa for sale

Timber free construction

The SOUL3900™ offers a timber-free framing system that is insusceptible to rot, mould or mildew. The frame is made of recycled, high-impact injection-moulded plastic. It’s designed to last a lifetime.


Swimming lane with seating for up to 2 people
381 x 226 x 131cm
Swim Jets
Therapy Jets
Buoyancy Air Jet
Swimming Level
Swim Selector
Pre-Programmed Training Modes
1 x 2.5hp
Circulation Pump
Swim Spa Type
Single Zone
Electrical Requirements
25 amp
Dry Weight
Filled Weight
Average Spa Volume
5,586 litres
1 x 1.5kW
Perimeter insulation
Heat Pump Ready
Control System
SpaNet™ SV Mini™
LED Lighting
Water Features
Water Purification
Automatic Ozone
Purezone UV-C Automatic Water Purifier
Optional extra
Bluetooth Music
Optional extra
High-impact injection moulded plastic

More Information

Frequently asked questions

Do you need planning permission to install swim spas?

The short answer is no, unlike swimming pools you do not require planning permission for the installation of swim spas.

What is involved in a swim spa delivery?

Due to the weight and size of swim spas, all deliveries will require a crane.

Please make sure that there is enough room outside of your property for a crane to park up. We will conduct a site visit with all of our swim spa deliveries, so don’t worry too much about this. We’ll take care of it for you, we will also book and arrange the crane on your behalf. If you decide to organise the crane yourself, that’s fine too. But you will be asked to sign a weaver pre-lift.

Swim spa going into a room that isn’t accessible by a crane? Not to worry, we can drop the swim spa via crane onto rollers and roll the swim spa into position.

What do I need to do before I can get my swim spa delivered?

🏗️ First, ensure that you have sufficient room for a crane to park outside your house to lift the swim spa into position. (We can check this for you)

💪 Ensure that the base in which the swim spa is going to be installed on is strong enough to support the weight of the swim spa + water + people. We tend to recommend a concrete slab around 6 inches in thickness.

⚠️ You must ensure that the base is perfectly flat and level. An unlevelled/ uneven base can result in irreparable damage to the spa shell.

⚡ Install a sufficient power supply, this should be hard-wired directly to your mains consumer unit. Locate the isolator switch at least 2 metres from the swim spa. The isolator must be within eyeshot of the swim spa.

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