Introducing the Jacuzzi J-325, from the brand which started it all. 4 deep captain seats with armrests make up this gorgeous and compact hot tub. The large footwell in the J-325 allows freedom of movement, even when you’re soaking it up with company. But the best thing about this hot tub has to be the massage, wow…this thing really does deliver on performance. If you’re someone who would benefit from having a professional grade, deep tissue massage on a daily basis then this is the hot tub for you.


As you may notice, there is a brilliant variation of jet arrangements from seat to seat. The reason for this is so that each seat provides the user with a different massage experience, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalised


This hot tub includes a backlit waterfall, illuminated cup holders, LED mood enhancing lighting and backlit headrests. When the night begins to fall the J-325 really comes into its element- honestly, it’s pretty spectacular.


The J-325 also comes as standard with a high-quality Bluetooth music system which can be cranked up loud enough to make you very unpopular with the neighbours. But the great thing about the music system in this spa is that it can be controlled by a small handheld remote control, so if you’re worried about children turning up the music too loud then pre-set the volume and hide the remote.


As with our entire Jacuzzi range the J-325 comes as standard with a UV water sanitation system, which helps to keep your spa water crystal clear and bacteria levels down.


Jacuzzi as a company has a rich heritage which dates back as far as 60 years. From creating the first hydro-massaging jet to whirlpool baths and then to the conventional hot tubs we know and love today. It’s hard to find anyone these days who hasn’t heard of the name Jacuzzi, a name which is associated with quality, innovation and design.


  • Seating Capacity 4-5

    214 x 193 x 87 cm / 85 x 76 x 35 inches

    Pumps 1 x 2hp, 1 x circulation pump
    Total jets 21
    Heater 2.7kw
    Electrical Requirements 32 amp
    Lounger No
    Average Spa Volume 1363 litres
    Dry Weight 312kg
    Total Filled Weight 1976kg
    Water Purification UV Sanitisation
    Music Bluetooth Connectivity
    Waterfall Backlit
    Cup holders Backlit