Introducing the monstrous Jacuzzi J-495 from the brand which started it all. This hot tub is not to be taking lightly, it’s pretty big…. pretty damn big. When we say this hot tub seats up to 8 people, we aren’t joking, and it does so effortlessly with an abundance of free space. But the sheer size of this spa isn’t the most mesmerising aspect, it’s how aesthetically pleasing this is, with the design including a raised back, curves and cuts which are extremely pleasing to look at. The J-495 will compliment your garden like a gorgeous piece of furniture would, all whilst providing you and your guests with a high-end massage of which can’t be found elsewhere.


If you notice there is a carefully thought out arrangement of jets right around the J-495, these placements aren’t random. They’ve been placed in such a way as to target key muscle groups within the body, but…that’s not the best bit. This hot tub also uses a diverse range of rotational jets, pulsating jets and high-powered funnel jets. Honestly…it’s amazing.


This hot tub includes a cascading waterfall, touch screen controls illuminated cup holders and controls, LED mood enhancing lighting, side panel lighting, Champaign bubbles and adjustable headrests. The J-495 transforms when the sun begins to set.


The J-495 also comes as standard with a high-quality Bluetooth music system which can be cranked up loud enough to make you very unpopular with the neighbours.


As with our entire Jacuzzi range the J-495 comes as standard with a UV water sanitation system, which helps to keep your spa water crystal clear and bacteria levels down.


Jacuzzi as a company has a rich heritage which dates back as far as 60 years. From creating the first hydro-massaging jet to whirlpool baths and then to the conventional hot tubs we know and love today. It’s hard to find anyone these days who hasn’t heard of the name Jacuzzi, a name which is associated with quality, innovation and design.


  • Seating Capacity 8-9

    229 x 279 x 116 cm / 91 x 110 x 46 inches

    Pumps 3 x 2hp, 1 x circulation pump
    Total jets 62
    Heater 2kw
    Electrical Requirements 32 amp
    Lounger No
    Average Spa Volume 1968 litres
    Dry Weight 517kg
    Total Filled Weight 2862kg
    Water Purification UV Sanitisation
    Music Bluetooth compatible
    Waterfall Backlit
    Cup holders Backlit