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HSG282 Compliant. Deposits from just £200.


Dimensions: 200 x 185 x 90cm Full Specification

The Jacuzzi® Lodge M has been designed specifically for the holiday market. It’s simple and easy to use and most importantly, it’s easy to maintain. No diverters, simplified controls, ClearRay sanitation system, quick drain, LED light, secure filter and no diverters make this the perfect hot tub for anyone looking to boost their bookings and rental value.

20 amp
Power Supply

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This hot tub includes a LED light in the base of the spa.


Water Purification

Jacuzzi® believe in clean, pure water. This is why they have developed CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen™.

With a combination of industry-leading U.V. and Ozone technology, the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ harnesses the power of air and light. Exclusive to Jacuzzi® products, the advanced oxidation process involves the use of injected ozone gas and a UV-C bulb. once the ozone is activated, it destroys contaminants and waterborne pathogens.

What does this mean?

  • Reduce hot tub chemical usage by up to 50%
  • Save money on maintenance products
  • Soak in water that contains fewer chemicals. Kinder to your skin.
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Simplified Control Panel

Operating the Jacuzzi® Lodge M is made simple by the secondary control panel, located at the front of the hot tub. This only allows your guests to operate the jets and the lights, it’s that easy, anyone can do it!

The main control panel, where the internal settings are accessed (including temperature) is hidden behind the front cabinet. How does this benefit you? Well for starters your guests won’t be able to access the hot tubs internal settings, meaning that you won’t be getting called back because someone’s put the hot tub into rest mode/ Eco-mode. Your guests will also be unable to control the temperature, helping to keep your running costs down.

Jacuzzi Lodge M hot tub for sale

Less is More

Notice anything? If you said this hot tub looks extremely simplistic, then you would be right. The Jacuzzi® Lodge M has been designed to be both easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • No headrests: this makes the hot tub easier to clean and let’s face it, generally these are the first things to go missing on a hot tub in a holiday setting.
  • No diverters: fewer things to potentially break.
  • Simplified control panel.
  • Secure filter housing.
Jacuzzi Lodge M hot tub for sale


Insulation is a vital feature of any hot tub. It plays a huge part in your hot tub’s heat retention, meaning that the level and quality of your hot tub’s insulation directly affects your day-to-day running costs.

Jacuzzi®’s hot tubs are known for their energy efficiency and are a reliable choice for someone looking to boost their bookings and rental value.

Your Lodge M will also come with an insulated cover included in the price.

Jacuzzi Lodge M hot tub for sale


The Jacuzzi® Lodge M is a stunning 4-5 person hot tub. Measuring 200 x 185.

Jacuzzi Lodge M hot tub for sale

Quick Drain

As if you thought that the Jacuzzi® Lodge M couldn’t get any better… this hot tub also features a quick drain in the base of the hot tub. All seats have been designed in a very specific way, so that the water does not collect, running into the base where the drain is located.

Hot tubs increase bookings and rental value

Huge Traffic Boost To Air B&B Listing From Hot Tub

It’s now common knowledge that hot tubs are a vital addition to any holiday let, they will generate more traffic to your listing, thus increasing bookings. You will also be able to command a higher nightly rate, just by including a hot tub in your property’s offering!

Located in a stunning part of Y Felinheli, North Wales, Alex wasn’t happy with the number of bookings his property was getting and was looking for ways to make his holiday let business more profitable. The image is a snap-shot from Alex’s Air B&B account, on the 19th of February he changed his listing to include a hot tub. On the very same day, he noticed a HUGE surge in views.

This directly led to an increase in his total number of bookings and he also began to charge an additional £100 for the use of the hot tub.

Alex calculated that with the increase in bookings, combined with the additional £100 that he was charging for the use of the hot tub, the hot tub had paid for itself within 3 months of installation.

Hot tubs increase bookings and rental value

Boost Bookings & Rental Value With A Hot Tub

We met up with the lovely folk from Menai Holiday Cottages, who are a prestigious letting agent based in sunny North Wales. They said that ‘recent surveys suggest that rental properties with a hot tub perform up to 54% better than those which don’t and bookings for properties with hot tubs are up 36% compared to 2021′.

The image of the hot tub with a stunning view of the Menai Straits is from one of our amazing customers who have their property listed with Menai Holidays. The red line indicates when the hot tub was installed, notice how much more traffic the listing is getting daily just by including a hot tub in the property’s offering! By installing a hot tub, you also appear on their ‘cottages with hot tubs’ page which will create more exposure for your property.

Statistics sourced from Menai Holiday Cottages.


Seat Layout
4 x seats + 1 x cool-down seat
200 x 185 x 90cm
1 x 2hp
Circulation Pump
1 x 0.35hp
Electrical Requirements
20 amp
Standard foam + winter pack
Dry Weight
260 kg
Average Spa Volume
880 Litres
Simplified Control Panel
Main Control System
ClearRay Sanitation (Ozone + U.V.)
Bluetooth Music
LED Lighting
Water Features
Quick Drain

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