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Dimensions: 189 x 189 x 100cm (of hot tub) Full Specification

The Rexener Polar is a diesel-fuelled hot tub that’s manufactured in Finland to the highest of standards, using Finish wood and top-quality components. Using the latest in heating technology, the Rexener Polar is capable of heating the water from 7℃ to 37℃ in as little as 2 hours! The Rexener Polar also includes a sand filter, U.V. sanitation, an in-line chemical feeder and heated air jets. It’s the perfect hot tub for holiday lets or someone who wants a hot tub that costs less to run than conventional all-electric models.

13 amp
Power Supply
Diesel Fuelled
Heater Type


Rexener Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub For sale


The Rexener Polar comes with a large LED base light which offers a range of colour options.

The LED lights are operated via a remote control.

Rexener Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub For sale

Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub

The Rexener Polar is a diesel-fuelled hot tub that utilises the very latest in heating technology.

Can heat your hot tub water up from 7℃ – 37℃ in as little as 2 hours! 


Rexener diesel fuelled hot tub for sale

Can You Smell The Diesel?

The short answer is no. Our Rexener heaters are 97% efficient, meaning that there’s no smoke and the chance of you smelling any diesel is extremely unlikley.


Rexener diesel fuelled hot tub for sale

Water Purification

The Rexener Polar comes as standard with U.V. sanitation, this helps to keep your spa water clean, clear and the bathers safe.

Rexener Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub For sale


Due to the simplistic design of the Rexener Polar, there is ample room for up to 6 people.

Rexener diesel fuelled hot tub for sale

Manufactured in Finland

Manufactured in Finland, using high-quality Finnish wood, you can be assured that the Rexener Polar is a top-quality hot tub.

Rexener Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub For sale

Sand Filtration + In-Line Chemical Feeder

When it comes to filtration, it doesn’t get much better than the Rexener Polar. Utilising a large sand filter, this hot tub has been over-engineered for domestic use. Helping to keep the water clean for longer, perfect for holiday lets.

This hot tub also includes an in-line chemical feeder as standard.

Rexener Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub For sale

Air Jets That Don't Cool The Water

Rexener has designed a system which heats air pulled in from outside the spa before it enters the pool water.

Most hot tubs have air jets, they’re great! However, how these generally work is that they pull in air from outside of the hot tub which then goes straight through the jets and into the hot tub water. In the winter, this will cool the hot tub water, meaning that the heater will be working more frequently.

Our Rexener products do things a little bit differently. The air is drawn in and passes through a chamber which is then heated before it enters the hot tub water. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s a fantastic feature.

Rexener Diesel Fuelled Hot Tub For sale

Compliant with HSG282*

That’s right, not only can the Rexener Polar heat up in as little as 2 hours and cost you less to run than a conventional hot tub… but it’s also HSG282 compliant. Making this the perfect hot tub for commercial applications.


Seating Layout
Bench seating all the way around (+ 1 x entry step/ cool down seat)
189 x 189 x 100cm (of hot tub)
Dimensions of Equipment Cabinet
152 x 72cm, front edge height 96cm, rear edge height 99cm
8 air jets with pre-heater
1 x pump
Circulation Pump
Electrical Requirements
16 amp
Rexener bioheater (biodiesel, diesel)
Noise Level
Sheets of polyurethane on the base and walls
Dry Weight
Average Spa Volume
1300 - 1500 litres
Water Purification
Sand Filter
In-Line Chemical Feeder
Bluetooth Music
LED Lighting
Water Features

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