‘Look at that view’ is a term often used when appreciating the beauty of the world we live in. As humans we’re drawn to nature, it’s that animalistic instinct which is imbedded within us all. It’s why we seek adventure, sun kissed beaches and have a waterfall set as our screensaver.

What I’m getting at is that as a whole, the majority of us are drawn to the outdoors. What you may or may not realise is that actually, being outside can benefit you both physically and mentally.

‘Being outside can improve memory, fight depression and lower blood pressure’ says Kevin Loria (2018) from Business Insider.

We live in a world where we spend the majority of our lives working indoors, under fluorescent lights and behind computer screens to then return home and sit down in front of the television. Researchers have for quite some time now, stressed the importance of spending quality time outdoors, and in an age of increasing levels of mental health problems, this is becoming ever more prevalent.

So, what can you do? In North Wales we’re extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many great walks, beautiful untouched scenery, post card worthy beaches, roaming hills and dense forestry. Take advantage of this, go out on a walk once a week, take up an outdoor hobby, swim in the sea or nip down to your local park. There is literally so many great outdoor activities which North Wales can offer, so we would encourage you to go out and make the most of them.

How a hot tub can help

Unfortunately, although North Wales is one of the most beautiful places on earth, we aren’t usually blessed with great weather. So, if you’ve got that outdoor itch which you haven’t been able to scratch because it’s hat and scarf time of year…then it’s time to hop in the hot tub. Ironically most people will buy their hot tub for summer but get the most use out of it in winter. Nothing beats submerging your body into 38 degrease water in a clear winter’s night.

A hot tub allows you to get outdoors even in the worst of weather, helping you to reduce the stresses of everyday life. Hot tubbing also has a relaxing effect, which will allow the user to unwind after a long day and even fall asleep faster and more deeply.

Kick back, relax, turn the jets on and let your hot tub give you a quality massage.

Invite the people closest to you for a dip and watch how deep and meaningful conversation unfolds due to everyones heightened state of calmness.

For more information on the health benefits associated with hot tub hydrotherapy click here.



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