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Dimensions: 110cm (W) x 216cm (L) x 80cm (H) Full Specification

Introducing the Chill Tub Pro, the ice bath that’s completely changing the game. From the brand that’s been featured on ITV 2 brings you their luxury model that’s jam-packed full of premium features, such as a fully functional touchscreen control panel, built-in Wifi, water jets, LED lighting… the list goes on.

The Chill Tub Pro allows ice bath enthusiasts to step up their cold water therapy game by eliminating the thermal barrier with water jets. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Plus, our Chill Tub Pro Ice Bath even comes as standard with ozone sanitation and a built-in filtration system, keeping your water clean and clear for longer. So why settle for a subpar ice bath? Upgrade to the Chill Tub Pro and take cold water immersion to the next level.

13 amp
Power Supply
Chill Tubs
Temp As Low As

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Chill Tubs ice bath for sale. As seen on ITV

As Seen On ITV This Morning

Did you know our Chill Tubs ice bath was featured on ITV’s This Morning in a segment about cold water therapy and its physical/ mental health benefits- Matthew Wright even got into the Chill Tub ice bath to try it out for himself!

It is amazing to see how cold water therapy is now becoming such a hot topic of conversation within popular media outlets.

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

Temperature as low as 3℃

Our Chill Tub Pro Ice Bath has been designed specifically to harness the benefits that cold water immersion offers. This is achieved using the latest technology available in the ice bath industry, allowing our Chill Tub Pro to reach temperatures as low as 3℃.

The optimum temperature for an ice bath to provide maximum benefit varies depending on the individual and their goals, but generally falls between 50-59°F (10-15°C) for post-workout recovery. Some studies suggest that a temperature of 50°F (10°C) is most effective for reducing inflammation and muscle damage after intense exercise, while others indicate that temperatures as low as 41°F (5°C) can be beneficial for endurance athletes.

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

LED lighting

The Chill Tub Pro features stunning LED lighting both inside and outside of the ice bath.

Inside, you have a multi-coloured base light.

Outside you have 4 x corner lighting strips that also offer a range of colour options.

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

Beautiful acrylic shell

The Chill Tub Pro ice bath includes a stunning acrylic shell that’s been fitted with a built-in, ergonomic step.

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

Eliminate the thermal barrier

With built-in jets, you’re able to continuously mix the water around your body. This stops the water around your body from heating up, keeping you COLD. It’s not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure.

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

Easy to use control panel + Wifi

The Chill Tub Pro even features an easy to use, touch screen control panel which makes using this premium ice bath an absolute breeze.

Plus, this intuitive ice bath also comes with a built-in Wifi system, allowing you to control your ice bath from anywhere in the world.

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

Ozone Sanitation + Filtration System

Water clarity is paramount. This ice bath employs advanced Ozone technology to effectively eliminate pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and germs, ensuring prolonged water purity.

Furthermore, our Chill Tub Pro Ice Bath is equipped with an integrated filtration system for superior cleanliness

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale


Our Chill Tub Pro warranty provides coverage for defects in workmanship and defects or malfunctions that arise during normal use conditions for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.

Please download the warranty card located under ‘More Information’ below to view the warranty limitations. 

Chill Tub Pro ice bath for sale

Insulated Cover

Our Chill Tub Pro ice bath will come with a thick, insulated cover as standard.

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Health benefits of cold water immersion

For the average person, ice baths can be an effective way to reduce inflammation and soreness, particularly after a long day of physical work or a strenuous workout. Cold water immersion has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce swelling, which can alleviate pain and promote healing in individuals with conditions such as arthritis or chronic pain.

In addition to reducing inflammation and soreness, ice baths have also been shown to enhance overall well-being by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. The cold temperature of the water can trigger the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers that can also induce feelings of euphoria and relaxation. This can help individuals manage stress and improve their mood, which can have positive effects on their overall health and well-being.

Moreover, ice baths can also improve circulation and promote the immune system’s function. When the body is exposed to cold water, it triggers a process called vasoconstriction, which can improve blood flow and help to flush out toxins from the body. This can help to boost the immune system and promote overall health and wellness.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also benefit from using an ice bath by using them as a recovery tool after intense physical activity. The process involves immersing the body in cold water (usually between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-15℃ ) for 10-20 minutes. Although the thought of sitting in a tub of ice-cold water may seem daunting, research suggests that it can significantly enhance recovery by reducing inflammation, muscle soreness, and fatigue.

For more information on the many benefits associated with cold water immersion, check out our blog by clicking HERE.


110cm (W) x 216cm (L) x 80cm (H)
Internal Dimensions
135cm (L)
Temperature Settings
As low as 3℃
Durable plastic
Aristech acrylic
Electrical Requirements
13 amp
Dry Weight
Water Capacity
700 litres
Insulation Type
Chill Seal
Ozone + filtration system
LED Lighting
2 Years*
Control panel
Touchscreen controls
Anti Freeze Protection
Noise Level

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Chill Tub Pro regulate its own temperature?

Absolutely! Once you’ve set your desired temperature, the Chill Tub Pro takes care of the rest. It’s equipped with a cooling system and easy-to-use controls, so you can sit back and relax without worrying about constantly adding ice. No more hassle with messy ice bags—let the Chill Tub Pro do the cooling for you!

What makes the Chill Tub Different from other brands?

Our Chill Tub has been created using some of the highest-quality materials available. But, we don’t believe that high quality necessarily demands a high price tag hence, why we’re offering our Chill Tub at such a competitive price.

✔️ 316 stainless steel bathing area

✔️ Powder-coated aluminium cabinet

✔️ Thick, perimeter insulation

✔️ Composite plastic top

✔️ Intuitive control system

✔️ Built-in cooling and filtration system

Plus, this stunning ice bath will even come with Ozone sanitation, helping to keep the water in the ice bath clean and clearer for longer.

What is the lead time on a Chill Tub Pro?

Please enquire for a delivery timescale as this will depend on the time of year and/ or if the product is in stock.

What are the benefits of using a Chill Tub Pro?

Jumping into a Chill Tub Pro can be a real game-changer for your body! Here’s what you might experience:

  • Say goodbye to muscle soreness: Your muscles will thank you for the chilly dip by feeling less achy.
  • Speedier recovery: Bounce back quicker from workouts and activities.
  • Bye-bye inflammation: Feel the cool relief as inflammation takes a backseat.
  • Better blood flow: Get your circulation pumping for a healthier body.

But hold on a sec! While many folks love the icy plunge, it’s not for everyone. Some might find it uncomfortable or risky. It’s super important to chat with a healthcare pro before diving in.

And hey, it’s not just your body that benefits! Taking the plunge into an Eira Ice Bath might also do wonders for your mind. Feel your mood lift and your brain kick into gear with a refreshing dip.

Can you use the Chill Tub Pro after drinking alcohol?

Please avoid using the Chill Tub if you’ve been drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs. Doing so can significantly up the risk of serious hypothermia. Stay safe and enjoy the Chill Tub responsibly!

How do I place an order?

Ordering your Chill Tub Pro is super easy, simply add it to the basket, follow the steps and enjoy your brand-new ice bath.

Note, we only require a deposit of £200 to reserve your dream Chill Tub. From that point one of our trained advisors will reach out to you, they’ll go through everything with you and will provide you with a suitable delivery date.

If you get stuck along the way, drop us a message on Live Chat or give us a call on 01248 723207.

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